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Smart Jetsetter - Packing Organizer

Size Guide

Getting ready for your trip can be boring and time consuming. What if you’re the type who always does last minute packing? How do you ensure that you don’t forget anything? What if it's time to leave and you find that your luggage is not ready? It just won't zip up! 

If your suitcase is disorganized, then it's almost guaranteed that your travel experience is just going to be as messy as your suit case.

The Luggage Organizer is your great travel companion, especially if you're someone who's always on the go. It helps you pack a lot faster and also organizes your personal items once you’ve settled in your destination hotel.

Comes in 6 different Organizer Bags designed to fit different purposes. Luggage Organizer Bags with mesh top allow instant see through to find exactly what you need and smaller waterproof pouches to store away toiletries, undies, IDs and medicines.

Say goodbye to getting all your clothes out before you’re able to reach for your toiletries. No need to dump the contents of your luggage on to your bed just to find your outfit of the day.

It’s time to make your travels a lot easier and focused more on enjoying the view and the experiences. Use this Packing Organizer as one of your traveling hacks for a more efficient and less stressful preparation. 

    - Large Mesh Bag: Coat, shirt, etc

        - Medium Mesh Bag: For Underwear

        - Small Mesh Bag: Can hold Cosmetics, Lotion, etc

          - Large Organizer Pouch: Umbrella, iPad, Data Cable
          - Medium Organizer Pouch: For Sunglasses, Accessories, etc
          - Small Organizer Pouch: Can hold Documents, Emergency Medicine, etc










          • Material: Oxford Cloth
          • Weight: About 230 grams
          • Product Color: Pink, Green, Red, Red Wine, Blue, Navy Blue, Gray, Watermelon Red
          • Product Packaging: Single Transparent Bag
          • Packing Quantity: 200 Pieces
          • Comes with Mesh Bags & Organizer Pouches with different sizes
          • Mesh Top allows instant see through
          • Organizer Pouches come with handles
          • Light Weight, Durable & Waterproof